AURA D'AMATO podcast about the Healing power of Laughter 4

The Healing Power of Laughter

The Healing Power of Laughter and how it can bring forth healing in the body, mind and spirit. How laughter improves the oxygen in the body and can assist with healing energy to overcome the coronavirus and all illness. It is a God given weapon against sickness that is within us at all times.

AURA D'AMATO CONFERENCE CALL for prayer & healing 4/20/20

PPSALM 91 & a Powerful Testimony of God'sHealing

Sharing the power of Psalm 91 and How no evil shall befall you nor affliction come near you for to His angels He has given command about you to guard you in all your ways. A personal testimony by a young man about how God saved His life and how He now walks in joy and power sharing God's love 


GOD SPEAKS & We Are Victorious

A POWERFUL   & MOST AMAZING message for the chosen people as God speaks through Divine messages to bring forth His message of LOVE  & POWER for healing from the coronavirus and evil in the world. Guidance on steps to take to accept your authority to call forth healing in your life and in the world. 

Aura D'Amato conference call sharing God's messages for heal

Divine and Angelic Messages for healing

Divine messages shared for healing and well being in mind, body and spirit. Guidance to call forth protection and healing from the coronavirus and all evil.

AURA D'AMATO CONFERENCE The shackles are removed 4/13/20

The ShackleS Have Been Removed.

The shackles have been removed and all that was meant for evil is now turning around for our good. The light of God has gone forth and the mighty name of Jesus conquers the darkness. We stand on God's word that "No weapon formed against us shall prosper. " The light always conquers the darkness.

Aura d'amato Easter celebration and healing session 4/12/20

Easter Celebration

Our Easter Sunday Celebration of Jesus rising up from the dead to conquer the darkness and evil and to bring to us the joy and power of His light and love. How we can do the works as Christ and be in oneness with His love and light. Calling forth the love and light of Christ to dispel the coronaviru

aura D'amato good friday prayer and healing session 4/11/20

Good Friday Prayer Session

Good Friday evening prayer and praise for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how He conquered death and darkness. Uplifting messages shared for our healing and renewal in spirit. 

AURA D'AMATO MESSAGE Of David vs Goliath & your Power 4/4/2

David vs Goliath &our power to defeat the coronav

God shares the message of how David conquered Goliath and how we are the Davids of this time to conquer the coronavirus and all evil. We are given steps on how to be victorious in this day for the glory of God.

You are given encouragement and guidance to conquer any type of Goliath in your life.

AURA D'AMATO MESSAGE of the power of Divine light 3/31/20

Power of Christ love & Divine light

The power in the name of Jesus, the Christ love and Divine love is shared with guidance to overcome the coronavirus and all evil. The power of healing hands and how to send forth the Divine light for healing in all manners and ways. Angelic messages are shared how to release fear, worry & anxiety.

AURA D'AMATO message for victory over cornonavirus 3/28/20

How God is Working Everything For Our Good

 Divine messages given how God is working everything out for our good, conquering the coronavirus & how to overcome the emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, depression, &  uncertainty during this challenging time. Guidance to send forth the light within you for victory.


Protection & Healing from the Coronavirus

Uniting together in praise and gratitude for the Angelic messages and Divine guidance shared to conquer the coronavirus and all evil. Uplifting message for encouragement, support and peace of mind during a challenging time. How to put on God's armor for protection and healing.

Aura D'Amato Conference call for healing & abundance 3/23/20

God's guidance for conquering the coronavirus

Divine guidance and an Angelic message to conquer the coronavirus and all evil. Uplifting message for encouragement, support and peace of mind during a challenging time. How to put on God's armor for protection and healing.