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Angelic Messages

I have been guided to communicate God’s love and light through  angelic messages that I receive. I have shared these angelic messages  for over 20 years and some of those messages are in the book that I  authored Angels Share The Power Of I  Love Me and How It Can Change Your life and the World.

As part of what I do to send forth God’s love and light to share these angelic messages  I offer  phone, individual and group sessions and also host free angelic phone conference calls  that anyone can to listen to. In these phone conferences, I  follow the guide of my angels to share what God wants us to know.

Below is a call that I taped from one of these angelic calls that I  hosted. I believe that this message can bring forth renewed joy, love  and healing within those who listen. It reassures us of the power of  God’s love within each of us and how to call forth His power, light  and  love into our lives for healing and abundance in all manners and ways.

This call also entails praise, worship and gratitude for all the  Divine blessings, angelic intervention and love in our lives. There is  also guided angel therapy for healing and abundance to go forth for each  of us in all manners and ways.

 I  understand that all healing comes form God and that we are His  ministers assisting in the process. Giving all the glory to God and with  thanksgiving to the assistance of His angels.

Prayer ” I choose to be grateful, thankful, blessed, healed and abundant in all manners and ways.” And so it is.

You are loved. Choose to say,” I Love Me ” and you will honor the God  within you who is the source of your abundant love and healing.

With love and light,

Aura D’Amato

Certified Reflexologist

Energy Healing Practitioner

Angel Communicator


phone: 732-224-8441

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