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I was Divinely guided to share this Angel of Love painting that was given through Divine inspiration and painted by Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan for the cover of my book Angels Share The Power Of I Love Me and How It Can Change Your Life and The world.


This painting illuminates the highest frequencies of Divine love and light, which is within each of us, and sends forth rays of Divine love &  light for well being, wisdom, peace, joy, abundance in all manners, love, healing and protection that can conquer  the dark energies that cause fear, illness,  worry, anxiety and diseases like the coronavirus. 

You are welcome to place this painting in your home or where you can view it. 

A  Divine intervention occurred as  Eva  finished the painting and she noticed the rays of love that sweep up from the angel’s heart to the Divine symbol above the crown of the angel formed a heart! The heart was never planned or painted by Eva, but appeared as Eva finished the painting. 

The heart symbolizes the power of  Divine Love,  light and wisdom within each of us.

The heart symbolizes the power of  Divine Love,  light and wisdom within each of us.

The sparkles and starbursts in the painting are angelic symbols assuring us that angels are sent by God to assist and protect us. Eva mixed three types of Quartz Crystal into the paint- Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz to bring forth the highest vibration and frequencies of Divine light and energy. 

This painting symbolizes one of God’s promises “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. “ 3 John 1:2 

Angels Share The Power of I Love Me & How It Can Change Your Life& the World is available on Amazon

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