Most of us desire to create a life of ease, joy, good health, and prosperity. I believe that living well starts with taking care of and loving yourself. I am here to help you to feel better, happier and healthier. My practice is  in holistic therapy of mind, body and soul. My sessions include Divine and angels guided healing. 

You've got a lot to do in life,  so I've taken the time to design a healing, relaxing and uplifting session for your well being. 

I  strongly believe in the wholesomeness of each individual and the inseparable unity between spiritual, emotional, and physical health.  

As a certified reflexologist, energy  healing practitioner, intuitive and angel communicator it is my intention to assist you in a holistic approach  to healing and well-being. This may include reflexology, energy healing, receiving angelic messages and Divine intervention. 

 You have the immeasurable Divine power within you to bring forth healing and well being in all areas of your life. Holistic therapy is a way in which I can   assist you in doing so. 

In these sessions I can help you to release the mental, physical and spiritual blockages that may be the underlying causes of your fears, anxieties, worries or illness. They can be done by phone or in person at the Center where I practice in Holmdel, N.J. 

I have been channeling Angelic messages for over 20 years and I share these personal messages during my  sessions. I call forth the Christ love and light for healing.  I am the  author  of the book Angels Share The Power Of I Love Me and How It Can Change Your Life and the World.  These angelic messages are given to bring all people to the understanding of the loving presence and power of God's love and light within them and the awareness of angelic power in their life. 

I  hold a bachelor’s degree in sociology and I am a graduate of The New Jersey Institute of Reflexology. I am a member of  the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. I have studied and am very knowledgeable about  homeopathy, which I have used personally for many years.  I offer group healing sessions and inspirational motivational talks which can bring forth positive life-changing experiences. 

I am also a CBD Wellness Advocate


Angelic Letters

I have been guided to communicate God’s love and light through  angelic messages that I receive for your well being, insight and guidance. I have shared these angelic messages  for over 20 years and I authored the book Angels Share The Power Of I  Love Me and How It Can Change Your life and the World.


Energy Healing

As an Energy Healing Practitioner I have been trained to measure the  energetic vibrations within the body and to send forth energy to balance  them.
Energy Healing is a powerful and effective non touch form of healing  using our life force energy to facilitate the healing within the body.

As healing energy flows to all the organs and life systems of the body, it can empower the body to heal itself.
Correcting the energetic imbalances or increasing the life force energy  can relieve stress, anxiety and pain , which can help to promote physical  healing.


Motivational Speaker


Sharing Holistic and Angelic Information for Healing and Well Being

Aura is a strategist on Change Your Attitude Change Your Life with JOAN HERRMANN




Author of Angels Share The Power of I Love Me and How It Can Change Your Life and the World


Reflexologist, Energy Healing & Angels Guided Healing


Helping you through alternative forms of medicine for your well being.